Friday, January 16, 2015

Oracle Linked Server Error 7354: Data Type Not Supported

A few days ago I was trying to get some data from several tables from an Oracle server. A linked server was already created with the name SERVERA and I used four-part naming in the query.
The data of several tables was already imported successfully when I encountered the following error message for one table:
Msg 7354, Level 16, State 1, Line 1The OLE DB provider "OraOLEDB.Oracle" for linked server "SERVERA" supplied invalid metadata for column "WMBS_TIMESTAMP". The data type is not supported.
After excluding this column I still got the same error message, so I turned to Google and arrived at MS support.

Message 7 at the "Common error messages and how to troubleshoot them" section brings me a bit closer as it seems to address my issue.

It brings me to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: 243027. However, as you can read in the name of the KB: it handles Numeric columns in Oracle, while my column is a TIMESTAMP. That leads me to the definition of an Oracle TIMESTAMP data type:

The default is 6. So there are 6 digits of fractional seconds in the Oracle part of the data. However, SQLServer only has defaults of 3 (DATETIME) and 7 (DATETIME2, DATETIMEOFFSET). I think the query engine tries to convert it to a DATETIME2 and fails because of the default precision.

To solve this I used OPENQUERY in which I specified the query and explicitly CAST the value of the specific column to a DATETIME2 data type.
    FROM Schema.Table 


  1. Hi Nicky, The page is not found. 243027 FIX: Numeric column in Oracle causes error 7354. OPen query works fine but not the other way.. Is there any solution for this ?

    1. I also noticed the link to the KB-article is dead. I can't find any information about it anymore, sorry.


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