Wednesday, September 23, 2020

#MSIgnite 2020 - Power BI Recap

While there were several issues with the first sessions having no video, there was still a lot of excitement around all the announcements being made at Ignite! And luckily we can re-watch those sessions!

As I watched the sessions I made some notes, I cleaned them up a bit and thought I'd share them for anyone that likes to read up.

It's in no way a full update on Power BI related news, but highlights I found interesting. If you think I missed something that should be here, please let me know.

It's full of links to read more, also sometimes [Sessions] are linked where you can have a look yourself!

Enjoy! :-)

Icon or logo

So, what do you think about the new Logo? Or is it an Icon, or a …? :-)

Power BI Desktop September updates

Smart Narratives (September Desktop release)

Search capability for workspaces when publishing a report from Power BI Desktop
A small step for the Power BI team, a giant leap for the #pbifamily! :-)

Visual data preparation (coming soon) in Power Query: I'm really looking forward to this one!


  • Power BI Service (with the whole left-side menu) rendered inside Teams
  • Create quick reports by copy-pasting data

Power BI Premium Gen2

Wow, am I excited about this one! Of course we use Premium, so that's obvious, but also the announcement of Premium Per User is very exciting!

  • Power BI Premium Gen 2
    • Faster processing of refreshes
    • No concurrency limitation
    • No cumulative memory limitation, so each refresh can take up 25GB of RAM (for a P1)!
  • Premium Per User, available at no cost during public preview, no price announced yet
  • Autoscale (optional feature)
    • Add (paid) vCores for at least 24h
    • Billed through Azure subscription
    • Set limits to control cost
  • Cost-management on a workspace level
    • Utilization breakdown
Have a look at the Power BI blog where Chris Finlan answers the most common questions around Power BI Premium Per User lincensing!

Deployment pipelines

This feature goes GA: read the GA blog, with an important excerpt:
  • Using deployment pipelines, you can make updates to a model with incremental refresh configured, and deploy it to production, while retaining both data and partitions!
    *Only Datasets with the ‘Enhanced metadata format’ switch turned on
So, what else is coming? For example, Paginated reports and Dataflows will be supported with deployment pipelines in a later stadium. 

For all updates, I suggest you check the Power BI roadmap wave 2 release notes!

Free Certification exam

And of course, if you are attending Ignite, and complete at least one collection in the Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge, you are eligible for a FREE certification exam! Have a look here for the details: Cloud Skills Challenge

Other interesting sessions still to watch:

And if you want to have a complete overview of what has happened at Ignite, not only Power BI, you should read the Ignite Book of News!

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