Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Power View in action on Politics

Kasper de Jonge had a blog post to a tweet to this nice video where PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013 are used to look at the political landscape of the Dutch parliament over the last 66 years. At september 12 we had elections in Holland, so this topic is quite hot now.

Please keep in mind the video is in Dutch, but I believe it is still worth watching if you don't understand dutch (Watch on YouTube).

More to IT than BI

Well, it's been a while and a whole lot has happened since.

For starters, Nienke and I had a great and lovely wedding! With this wonderful opening dance. We also had a great honeymoon with our sailboat to NP "De Biesbosch" in the Netherlands.

Also some nice things in BI-land have happened:

Office 2013 Preview was released with native PowerPivot and a PowerView add-in. Kasper wrote an excellent blog post about the ton of new features.
SQLServerDays 2012 will be held in San Marco Village, just south of Antwerpen. The agenda is already available with i.a. Marco Russo, Jennifer Stirrup, Chriss Webb and Koen Verbeeck.

Soon more things to follow!

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