Thursday, November 12, 2020

My Past & Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I noticed I already did quite some presentations this year (15). So I thought this would be a nice time to give a short update on what I did and what presentations are still to come.

Past Talks

  • Denmark Power BI User Group (webinar), November 4th
  • MVP Lightning Talks (webinar), October 21st
  • DataWeekender #TheSQL (webinar), October 17th
  • SQL Saturday Denmark (webinar), September 26th
  • SQL Saturday Croatia (webinar), September 19th
For a full list of all my presentations have a look at my speaking page.

A while ago I decided to create a github page to host all my slidedecks, so have a look there if you are looking for materials:

Upcoming Talks

M365 Chicago, November 13th

I know, it's Friday, and it's the 13th: what could go wrong, right? :)
I'm actually delivering 2 presentations here, which you can find below, one at 7PM and one at 10PM (UTC+1).

You can still register for this event here.
Just be aware that this is a US-based event, so it starts at 3:10 PM (CET) with the keynote: Building Community Through Storytelling and ends with an EndNote Panel at midnight my time.

Power Platform French Summit, November 20th

This will actually be a 2-day event:

  • Thursday, November 19th with a Business Day
  • Friday, November 20th with a Technical Day
Here I'll also be giving my Forms, Flow, Power BI session at Friday afternoon.


I would also like to mention that the next event (register here) for our Power BI Days Netherlands is scheduled on November 24th with this great line-up:

  • Alexander Arvidsson (b | @arcticdba): The Untruthful Art – Five Ways of Misrepresenting Data
  • Meagan Longoria (b | @MMarie): What Is Inclusive Report Design and Why Should You Care?

Finally, if you are interested in having me talk for your User Group or conference, have a look at my available sessions and let me know here or on Twitter.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

List All Functions in Power Query with #shared

I decided to dedicate this short blog post on how to make better use of Power Query and all the M functions inside. Let's see how we can do that.

Thank you

But before I dive into my blog post, I'd like to thank the #pbifamily for looking out for me!


In addition to what the title suggests, you can not only show all the functions, but all tables, records, (custom) functions and query (results) inside Power Query.

You can start using it by:

  • Creating a new blank query and either:
    • type in "= #shared" in the formula bar and press Enter, or
    • open the Advanced Editor and replace everything with "#shared" and press Done
  • Click on Into Table in the top left and you're done!

This will give you a list of functions (and query results, etc.) available in M.

You can search through the list of Names and e.g. see what functions you can use with week:

Opening e.g. Date.IsInNextWeek opens up the details for this function, showing you a description, the parameter used and the returned value.
You can even test it right there.

Watch it in action

If you like a more visual explanation, have a look at a recording of my Query Folding session at the dataMinds User Group earlier this year. The part about #shared starts at 52:40:

During the research googling for this blog post, I also found another thing you can do with #shared:

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