Friday, January 23, 2015

NetFx3 Error While Installing SQL Server 2012 SP1 on Windows 8 VM

A while ago I was looking for a VM with SQL 2012 installed on it (and all the other BIDS and pieces :) because I was about to start learning for my MCSE and needed some serious SSAS training. Because I couldn't find one I decided to create one myself from a VM with Windows 8 on it. I did run into some troubles however..

I was going to install all the features of SQL I could possibly need, so also MDS, DQS, IS, RS, etc. After configuring everything the install started, but I rather quickly hit the first bump:

It did continue after that, but only SSDT was successfully installed as you can see.

Apparently, the install couldn't automatically enable the .NET Framework 3.5, so let's do it manually following the next screen shots.

Windows will download the files if an internet connection is present.

But unfortunately.. The install fails once again. No idea why..

Nothing left than downloading and installing it myself from the Download Center.

And finally, it installed successfully!

Now back to the SQLServer install and my study! :)

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