Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SQL Rally Amsterdam 2013

Of course I would have loved to go to the PASS Summit this year, but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen according to my employer..
But then I heard that SQL Rally was coming to Amsterdam and saw my opportunity.
I read several posts from AllenBrent and PASS itself on the topic How to Convince Your Boss... I had my hotel reservation ready, my arguments lined up (with even some backups to negotiate).. But he just said: "Well, that sounds like a good idea, just book it! :-)
The only catch was that I was asked to talk about a few of the topics on a study night to some of my co-workers. Well, that wouldn't be too hard I guess!

I hope to see a lot of my SQLFamily (Twitter-)friends in Amsterdam in the next 3 days! Do grab on to me and we'll have a chat!

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