My Reading Journey

Inspired by this post by Adam Saxton (b | t), I started My Reading Goal in July 2016. After those 100 days of reading 25 pages a day (I missed 8 days) it actually came to a halt for a while and although I did some reading here and there it wasn't that regular anymore. So when 2017 came around the corner, I decided to pick it up again and start small, with 15 minutes of reading a day. I manage to do this about 5 or 6 days per week, so it seems like a reasonable goal for now.

Instead of keeping the other post up-to-date I decided to create this page as a resource link for the books I read.

As time passes, I will keep this page updated on how my journey progresses with new books I complete.

Updated on December 30, 2022
In Progress
2022 Book Count: 1
    2020 Book Count: 4
    2019 Book Count: 7
    2018 Book Count: 1
    2017 Book Count: 7
      2016 Book Count: 7
      Other notable books/whitepapers read before 2016


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      3. YouGetCarEverybodyGetsACarFebruary 20, 2024 at 7:22 AM

        I am currently working on a site of my own and this inspired me for content, I hope you don't mind if I "copy" this. (Copy as in, begin my own reading journey and document it too - On my site)


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