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Governance & Administration - Tenant Settings: Visual Cues

With all the Fabric announcements in the last months, some of the Admin announcements might have slipped through. As you might know, the Admin part of Fabric is dear to my heart. I've posted about it earlier hereherehere, and here, to name a few 😀.

So in the next weeks I am going to highlight a few things with short, informative posts.

You can find other posts in the series here:

Visual cues

Today I want to talk about a new little addition Microsoft made to the Fabric Admin portal.
This change has actually been here for quite a while now, but I still think it's worth mentioning because (1) I really like it, and (2) it's also an important change that the community, and MVP's in specific, has been requesting for quite some time.

Radhakrishnan Srinivasan and (members of) his team added visual cues to the Admin portal of Fabric. These are green (or teal 😀) little pop-ups that show besides a menu item or tenant setting that has recently been changed, or added to the Admin portal.

Visual cues in the Fabric Admin portal

I think this is really important so Administrators at least know that settings have been added (or changed) when they visit the Admin portal (which they should do regularly anyway in my opinion 😁).

There is also a sub-menu on the top of the Tenant settings page that you can expand, showing all the newly added settings. This overview also has links to the corresponding setting so you can easily navigate there.


I'm not sure how long a new cue is visible, it looks like the cut-off is around 30 days. 
The Domains cue is an exception I guess, it has been there since Domains have been added in the beginning.

Take advantage of this added funtionality, it helps you as an Administrator to prepare and be ready for new tenant settings:
  • Sometimes a setting can have a default state that is not desirable for your organization, so you need to change it within a certain period
  • Or you want to pro-actively communicate to your users that a certain settings is going to be enforced in the future. This could either be making a new feature available, disabling a new or existing feature for certain people, or slowly rolling out a feature to groups of people

To look beyond the visual cue and what is possible, you could even build yourself a solution by actively searching the Admin portal for new options and automate that process.

If you are new to the Fabric Admin portal, you can get more info here:

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