Monday, December 19, 2022

SSMS Error when refreshing a Power BI Table: Paramter name already exists

2 weeks ago I talked about A No-Code Method to Refresh One Table From a Power BI Dataset in the Service. I recently ran into an error using this method, so I thought it was worth sharing this error, and the solution πŸ˜€, with you.


Don't use the initial catalog when you're connecting to a Power BI dataset with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
If you want to now more details about the exact problem and solution, please read on below.


In my previous post I mentioned:

"With some tools it might be necessary to also provide the Initial Catalog (the dataset to connect to in your workspace). The datasets in your workspace will eventually show as databases under your AS-server:"

I did specifically say some tools, and might. 😁
So, to be even more specific, when using SSMS Γ‘nd the option for initial catalog, you run into the below error message:

I tried a few things before I got asked for some (external) help. A little bit of context around the problem:
  • Note that the message itself also has a typo in it (paramter πŸ˜‚).
  • It happens to every table in every dataset (I tried so far) in this workspace. I tried another workspace and that refreshed fine from the UI.
  • A colleague is getting the same error message in the UI for this particular workspace.
  • Looking at the error I checked if there are params called name in the datasets, but there aren't.
  • It's a test workspace in a deployment pipeline.


Luckily the solution is very simple! 
  • Don't use the Initial Catalog option in combination with SSMS, leave it at <default>
  • Or, if for any reason you need the above option selected, install SSMS 19 Preview 4
    • This preview version is a side-by-side installation, so it installs next to SSMS 18.x

I hope this helped you if you encountered the same problem.

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  1. This just saved me! Two years later and the 'paramter' typo remains...


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