Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Certification Updates!

Last week was already a great week with these amazing things:
  • My Microsoft Data Platform MVP renewal
  • The delivery of an MVP thank you kit, containing an MVP mug, hoody and sticker, by the MVP team

But aparently there was more! 😀

I noticed this weekend that several other people received their results on the DP-500 exam:  Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI, so I thought I'd check out mine too.
And you might have already guessed it: I passed! 🥳

DP-500 History

Almost 2 months ago I took the (then beta) exam DP-500, on which I wrote about earlier how to master this exam.
As the name of the exam suggests, this is not an exam for beginners. To recap a little bit from my previous blog post, the exam covers the following products/services:
  • Microsoft Power BI, including some external tools
  • Microsoft Purview (a.k.a. Azure Purview)
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake Gen2
  • DevOps

At the end of June, the exam went live, so it's no longer in beta. This also means there is now an official course available. Although I think you could manage just fine with all the online material there is already. I mentioned quite a few in my last post. And new materials have already been added to that list, for example the newest course on PluralSight, called Optimize Enterprise-scale Data Models - DP-500, by friend and fellow MVP Nikola Ilic (@DataMozart, B).
But depending on the type of learner you are, you might do better with an in-class training, so it all depends... 😁

Never stop learning

I honoustly did not think I passed the exam, because it covers quite a few topics I do not master yet, or haven't touched that often. 

DP-500 Score report

And according to the scoring report I received, I still have some things to do on the following topics:
  • Query and transform data (mainly Synapse questions for me I think hope 😀)
    This part of the exam covers:
    • Query data by using Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Ingest and transform data by using Power BI
  • Explore and visualize data (also mainly Synapse, and some R/Python in Power BI probably)
    This part covers:
    • Explore data by using Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Visualize data by using Power BI
You can check out the detailed outline and all the subtopics off the exam here.

Renewed Certification

Last but not least, I also renewed my PL-300 certification (a.k.a. DA-100), the Power BI Data Analyst Associate. I got a notification that renewal was possible. It only took me 15-20 minutes, online behind my laptop. So no exam site or proctored exam room this time.
I made it with 96% of the questions right, I missed (I think) 1 question in data modeling 😇

Do you have any plans for exams? Did you get any certifications lately?
If you have any remarks and/or questions about one of these topics I mentioned, please let me know!

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