Friday, September 24, 2021

Back In Business: Power BI Next Step

So, I did a presentation last Friday on Query Folding in Power BI.
It was at the Power BI Next Step conference.
You might think it was another online, like the 2.463.345th, webinar via Teams. But...


Meeting people again, having a chat and drink with other speakers, attendees and #pbifamily friends I haven't seen other then online... It was A-MA-ZING to be back at it! 

Because a few months ago there was still some uncertainty about all the rules, Marc, his girlfriend and me decided to take a road trip and go by car, which was pretty doable and actually quite fun.

I also went for a little run just after the conference!

We also had a lovely speaker dinner in the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen: Det Lille Apotek:

And on Saturday we finished it off with a little boat trip:


Slides and more...

The conference will send out all the slides, but if you can't wait for mine, you can find them at my GitHub page, or directly download the slides as PDF here.

During the conference, several people asked if the information from my session was also available on my blog somewhere, which actually is not (yet 😀).

So with renewed energy from the conference, I'm announcing my next topic here:

A blog series on Query Folding!

Keep an eye out for the first part in the next weeks!

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