Friday, February 21, 2020

Update: My Favorite (Data Platform) Podcasts

A tweet on the #SQLFamily hashtag triggered me last week to update an old blog post I wrote a few years back on My favorite (SQL server) podcasts.

After I switched jobs 2,5 years ago I have been doing a lot less commuting, which is good actually, but that left me also with less time to listen to podcasts. Therefore I chose to not listen to some episodes that are not that interesting to me.

Old podcasts

Here's the list I was already following since my last post:

  • .NET Rocks!
    • This is still a great podcast. I particularly like the Geek-outs.
  • Dear SQL DBA
    • The last episode is from the beginning of 2019, I always liked this very much because of the way Kendra explains things.
  • Developer On Fire
    • This was still a thing in 2019, but kinda dried up at the end of last year. The list of book recommendations is still there and huge, so do have a look there.
  • Hanselminutes
    • Still very much a thing. Good, short and fun episodes.
  • no dogma podcast
    • Still a regular flow of good episodes.
  • Office Hours Podcast: SQL Server Pain Relief
    • This one had its last episode on Jan 2 2019.
  • RunAs Radio
    • Still a constant, weekly flow of information and knowledge!
  • Simple Programmer Podcast
    • The frequency was turned down to weekly in 2019, but still regularly producing content.
  • SQL Down Under
    • The URL changed, and after 9 months of silence there was a new episode in December of last year.
  • SQL Server Radio
    • After a few months of silence there was a (re)new(ed) episode with a great announcement.
  • voiceofthedba’s podcast
    • Steve is actually on a sabbatical right now, but his short bursts of knowledge will certainly continue as he goes back to work next week.

New podcasts

These are the podcasts that are new:

Dutch podcasts

Next to the Data Platform related ones above, I also have a few Dutch podcasts that I like to listen to:


I still use the app Podcast Addict forAndroid, now the paid version without ads.
And one more pro tip before I finish: I use a podcast app that can set the speed of the podcast. I listen everything at 2 times the speed now :-) You can start at 1.5 and work your way up to what feels comfortable for you.

Are you also listening to podcasts, on your way to work, during work or somewhere else? Let me know in the comments which ones you like and if you have others not in my list!


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