Monday, October 21, 2019

Speaking at dataMinds Connect in Belgium

I already posted a short update on LinkedIn, but I now finally also had the time to update my blog.

Query Folding in Power BI at dataMinds Connect

I had the honor of doing a session at the Newcomer track at dataMinds Connect. This was a special track for people like me that have (almost) no conference speaking experience. The conference assigned buddies to these newcomers. For that, I'd like to thank Koen Verbeeck (B | @Ko_Ver) for helping me enormously with feedback to and try-outs of my presentation.
My submission to this conference was actually the first I did earlier this year, after that I also submitted to the other places like SQL Saturday Prague. But this was actually my first technical session with lot's of demo's.

Slides on Github

The slides were already shared with the conference organizers, but are also available via my Speaking page. I recently made some changes to the way I share them because I moved all my talks and slides to my Github. I still have some things and links to add there, but the basics are there.

I also did some calculations on the feedback I received and I was pretty happy with the average of 3.9!

Feedback scores

Half marathon Eindhoven

Like I mentioned in my session at dataMinds Connect I also participated in the half marathon in Eindhoven on Sunday October 12.
As it was relatively warm with 24 degrees Celcius, I had to shelve my plans of running a PR fairly quickly after 5K. A lot of people also were struck by the warmth and humidity that day

Power Platform World Tour in Dublin

The next stop is the Power Platform World Tour in Dublin where I'm presenting my Tips & Tricks of our Power BI implementation! I'm also doing one of the "Show & Tell" sessions at the Power Platform World Tour Meetup on the evening of October 30, organised by Ben Watt (B | @benrebooted).
I can also offer a $100 discount to all members who are part of their local Power Platform User Group community with the following code: 2019PPWT100DUB


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