Thursday, January 21, 2016

SSIS: An Item With The Same Key Has Already Been Added

Recently I was working on a new project and was trying to deploy my SSIS project with several packages to the catalog for the first time. I received the error when trying to build the project:

This occurs when e.g. you copied a (package) connection manager to another package and later promoted one of the 2 to a project connection.
Let’s say you have package A and B, both with the same package connection manager ConMgr. When you promote ConMgrof package A it will become (project)ConMgr, but in package B it will still be ConMgr, the package connection, and the new project connection will not be shown.

(I found my solution @ SO.) By deleting the package connection ConMgr (in package B) the project connection will become visible in the package and (in my project) succesfully replaced the connections in all data flows. It could be that you have to go through all components that referenced the old package connection to redirect them to the (project)ConMgr instead.

Hope that helps!


  1. The easiest way to troubleshoot this is to restart your computer.

  2. thanks this was exactly what caused the error!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I was able to build and deploy my project after following these steps.

  4. Nicky:-

    This bailed me out big time.

    Sincerest of gratitude.

    To streamline deployment and promote uniformity, I did what you said triggers this issue.

    That is, promoted a package connection to become a project connection.

    As I tried using that promoted connection in a secondary package, it appears that I ended up with duplicated connections.

    BTW, a connection with the same name pre-existed in the secondary package.

    Sorry, my explanation is obviously jumbled up.

    But, hopefully, if someone follows your remediation path, their issue with likewise be solved.

    All in all, wanting to fess up that I ran across your post at my most needy time. I was able to make mine out of what would have meant reverting to an earlier version of the SSIS package.

    I was so troubled and not clear-minded enough to think of what would have otherwise been good redeeming options and steps.

    Daniel Adeniji

  5. Hi Using this solution , now I am able to see the project level connection in package B, but the DFTs in package B aren't able to reference the project connection manager, neither am I able to find those connection in package B XML. Could you please me with any reference @Nicky

  6. Hi Nicky, great post. I was strugling with this during migration of ax2009 customer to newer cloud servers! Cheers, Ties Blom


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