Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MSTechEd Europe Keynote Day 2

We started day 2 with another keynote session from Antoine LeBlond with a focus on Windows 8.Antoine showed some cool demos of what Windows 8 is capable of, including a demo on a tablet and laptop. Features included were Swipe in, semantic (smart) zoom, quick cycling through apps (the old alt+tab).
A new feature for the laptop is that the touchpad on it also has smart touch capabilities! You can also use semantic zoom and swipe in on the touchpad for example!

Another cool thing was taking your work environment on a 32 GB USB-drive and run it on your desktop at home, where a reboot and login with BitLocker showed a secured and protected environment, locked away from the physical hard drives of the desktop. Then suddenly he unplugged the USB-device, you then have 60 seconds to plug it back in to not loose any data. The video he was playing just continued after a flick of a second.. Nicely done!

Further demoing Windows 8 development with Windows Runtime (WinRT).
Multiple monitor support has much improved. You can set different backgrounds or just stretch it over 2 monitors. The taskbar can also be adjusted, e.g. when you drag and drop an application over to the 2nd monitor the shortcut on the taskbar also moves with it.

More sessions later on today on SQL Server and Spatial Data and of course the famous BI Power Hour, can't wait to have seen that one!

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