Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SSAS BISM Tabular Workshop

On april 16 and 17 I attended the BISM Tabular workshop from Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari (from with my colleague Bas Kroes. We were guests at Microsoft BV @ Schiphol, the facilities were excellent, although the temperature in the room was a bit too high these days.

BISM Tabular Workshop
It were 2 long days, also because on monday evening we attended the PASS Community event, co-hosted by ADA ICT, where Marco and Alberto talked about: Tabular or Multidimensional?

PASS Community event
I've been working with PowerPivot for Excel for almost a year now, but haven't done very much on SSAS, and nothing with Tabular (in regards to customers) yet, so I learned a lot in the workshop.
Specially the filter and row context in DAX was very good explained by them, it's still a hard topic, especially with 1-to-many and many-to-many relationships.
I can recommend the workshop to everyone who wants to know more on Tabular and SSAS 2012!

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