Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Data & BI Summit

I have quite some good news: in April I’m going to the Data & BI Summit in Dublin, Ireland.
The Data & BI Summit is hosted by The Power BI User Group.
With tracks like Visualise, Model, Govern and Develop there’s content for a wide range of people, from Business analysts to IT admins.


I’m particularly interested in the Microsoft Power Series where members of the so-called “Power BI dream team” will give 2,5 hour long deep dive sessions on topics like Security, Story Telling and Advanced Data Visualisation with Power BI.

What can we expect at the summit? From the website:

  • Exceptional, quality content: Learn how to bring your company through the digital transformation by gaining new understandings of your data and deepening your knowledge of the Microsoft Business Intelligence tools. Products will include: Power BI, PowerApps, Flow, SQL Server, Excel, Azure, D365 and more! 
  • Answers to your questions: Network with the Microsoft Power BI team, dig-in onsite to find immediate answers with industry experts, Data MVPs, and User Group Leaders while taking advantage of the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, workshops and labs.
  • Network with your peers: Enjoy countless opportunities to create lasting relationships by connecting and networking with user group peers, partners and Microsoft team members.
  • Stretch your skill set: Advance your career by learning the latest updates and how they can help you and your business.

If you’re also going, let me know in the comments or on Twitter, I hope to see you there!


Friday, January 19, 2018

SSDT Error Message: Unable To Cast COM Object of Type 'X' To Interface Type 'Y'

Just a short blog post today explaining a problem (and solution) I ran into when working at a client a while ago. Hopefully it is helpful for anyone.


I got this error message at a client when I tried to open an SSIS solution in SSDT:

Unable to cast COM object of type 'System.__ComObject' to interface type 'Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper.IDTSObject100'

According to this source the reason could be a badly applied Service Pack or CU for example, but I’m not entirely sure about that in my case.


The solution for this is to reregister the dll that is referred to, in this case: dts.dll.
Before starting, make sure you close any open Visual Studio instance.
In a Command Prompt go to the following path (be sure to start the Command Prompt as Administrator):

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\DTS\Binn\

where 120 is you SQL Server version number.
Reregister the dts.dll by executing the command:

regsvr32 dts.dll


If all goes well you should see the following message pop up:


I found info here.

Happy coding :)


Thursday, December 14, 2017

T-SQL Tuesday #97: Setting Learning Goals for 2018

This months T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Malathi Mahadevan (@sqlmal | b).
Besides my strict learning goals I’ll also provide my retrospective for 2017.

Data Science Program

I recently started the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science, of which I completed the first 3 courses already. I want to complete course 4 before the end of the year. That leaves me with 5 courses and the capstone project. Finishing this program in the Fall of 2018 seems doable, so I’ll put that in my calendar!


Ow, already 3 years back I passed my final exam for my MCSA. Until recently the progress to my next goal (MCSE) kind of stopped. I already had one attempt at 70-464 this year, but I failed… I guess I underestimated that one a bit, so that’s one reason I’m not going to take my next exam too early. I just didn’t have too much time to work on it since my recent switch out of consultancy and to Van Lanschot Bankiers. Another reason is the fact I also started the Data Science Program, and the fact that this year is almost finished. I’d rather wait a few months and have my MCSE for 2018 already.


The fact that I made the switch to Van Lanschot also meant less commuting, which is a good thing of course, but not for my time listening to podcasts. I’m having trouble keeping up with all the feeds I’m in at the moment so I’ll have to either cut the feeds or find some other time (during running maybe?) to listen to the podcasts.


As you can see on My Reading Journey page I made some steady progress on my reading goal. Although there have been days and weeks I didn’t read, since I started tracking my progress again in my spreadsheet I see I keep advancing more steadily. I still have some days I don’t read at all, but at least now this is visible and I can hold myself accountable for that. The books I read this year have been a good mix between technical, personal skills and process oriented topics. I’m going to switch my technical topics this year a little bit to more closely match my work at Van Lanschot. In the beginning of next year I’ll write a blog post about my first months here.


As for my personal goals: I completed 2 half marathons this year in Venlo and Eindhoven, with a PR of 1:38:59 in Eindhoven this October! Now on to a PR on the 10 km, 40 minutes would be a great goal, as my PR is now 44:27.